Life at On in Asia-Pacific

We’ve received many questions about what it’s like to work in one of our three regional offices or retail stores, be it bustling Melbourne, vibrant Yokohama or flourishing Shanghai. Here are the answers to your top questions about us in the region.

Split in half image: On the left is a Chalk board saying welcome home with a cartoon of a  running around Asian cultural references such as lanterns, noodles and buildings. The right hand side has an image of the empty office with apparel hung on the wall.

What do the current growth plans in APAC look like?

The markets in Asia-Pacific, and China in particular, are a growth engine for the overall business. We believe in the potential of cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Beijing, Melbourne and Sydney and are invested in building the team and infrastructure there. We first set foot in the region in 2013 when we started distributing product to runners in Japan. In 2018 we launched our business in China and since then, both markets have seen really strong growth. We’ve opened 6 retail stores in China since 2019 and plan to open many more stores in the region in the next 3 years. The team has also pretty much doubled in size year-on-year. So you see, we plan to be here a while.

What kind of career growth can I expect at On?  

The team across the region is growing rapidly, but it is still small enough that you’ll be a driving force and have impact on the business.  We see the region a bit like a “start-up within a start-up”. You’ll be part of a team pushing boundaries, helping us get new fans while building our brand in key cities. You’ll have the chance to be your own entrepreneur while joining a small, tight-knit group of people who enjoy challenging each other and striving to challenge the status quo. We have many examples of team members who have grown into new roles both within and across their own functions.

How much decision-making power and autonomy do the teams have over the local business?  

Everyone can be an entrepreneur here. We trust in our people’s local know-how and empower our teams to make decisions that are best for our business and markets. We all learn by doing and welcome challengers. We call it the Explorer Spirit. Adding local flair and insight only adds to our unique culture that makes up On.

Is English a must when working at On?  

It depends on the role. If you collaborate with your colleagues around the globe, English is a must. But don’t worry, we’ll give you English lessons to bring you up to speed, if you want.

Do I have to come into the office?  

These are special times and your safety and wellbeing come first. We always follow local government rules. We currently come to the office a few times a week. And we’re really enjoying to meeting, speaking and collaborating again in person. We’re a people company and being together when possible makes us stronger.

What do the working hours look like?  

We believe in our people. We trust you. This includes flexibility in working hours for our team in the office. You can manage your own working hours, as long as the work gets done. As mentioned above, we believe in empowering individuals, this includes allowing flexibility in working hours for the office team. You can manage your own working hours, as long as the work gets done. 

Do I have to be runner?  

No, you do not. We look for the best team mates to complement our teams, not people with the fastest times. Though if you enjoy moving your body, there are plenty of folks in the team who would love to join you in session of yoga or walk around town to stretch your legs at lunch time.

A picture of the APAC team smiling and holding white trainers out of the box