Welcome to Technology

We’re the Tech team. We’re a team of platform engineers, working with frontend, backend, mobile and the IT service desk on ERP, CRM and cloud-based infrastructure services. We’re also cyber security experts, BI, data engineers, data scientists and product managers. We build and improve complex systems. We work with cutting edge technologies, solutions and insightful data to make the best decisions possible. We automate wherever we can to fully support our business.

Two men sat opposite each other looking at laptops sat in the office

What we do

We venture into unknown territories. Today, we, the Tech team, solve the problems of tomorrow. How? Some years ago, we started with just B2B, when Sales worked with our retail partners and Technology connected the dots. Then we expanded to B2C and developed our own online shop. Today, we're opening our own stores around the globe. Who'd have thought it?Our next giant leap is a subscription-based business model: running shoes you don’t own. That's right. You return them, we recycle them, and it's an endless sustainable cycle for our shoes and subscribers. We know we’ll only succeed if we continue looking forward, do what no one else does, and use top-notch technology as our backbone. And who knows what’s next? Want a piece of this journey?

How we work

We’re a team of passionate people who share the same engineering mindset. We’re hands on. We try things out. We’re curious, we want to understand how things work. We test new technologies, learn new languages and new approaches to software development. We don’t know everything… yet. We’re open to new ideas and learn every day. We do what we've never done before.So we prefer an in-house approach. This way, we can be true explorers and experiment with the latest technologies, tailoring our tech products to all our needs. We decide things together. We have flat hierarchies, and everyone's responsible for making decisions around technical implementation for the team. We’re also responsible for end-to-end system integration, connecting our internal systems with our partners’ platforms in a way that’s performative and seamless.

What we offer

As a member of our Technology Team, you’ll explore unknown territories and expand our business with your ideas. You’ll build exciting new functionalities we haven't seen before. And you’ll build it in a team that values people. Because technology wouldn't be without people. 

Be an entrepreneur

You’ll work:

  • autonomously, with shared trust and full responsibility for your projects
  • in a failure tolerant culture - we fail fast and often, and see failure as a way to learn.  
  • incrementally, practicing the fundamentals of the agile manifesto while choosing the methodology that suits you best.
  • with cutting edge tools, systems and data. 
  • in a space where you can create new ideas and bring them to life.

Work in a team of like-minded talent

You’ll work:

  • with some of the most talented and curious people in our industry.
  • in a team that owns the whole cycle - from idea to design to deployment to feedback.
  • in a team that feels empowered, values diversity and flat hierarchies.
  • in selecting your new team mates, building our future teams too. 
  • for the next unicorn (yes, we went public)

Feel valued

You’ll work:

  • for a company that puts people before products, because people are our future.
  • for leaders that care for your wellbeing.
  • in a company with movement as part of its DNA - we want our people to get out and go.
  • in harmony with your personal life, family and nature.
  • for a company that has a transparent production and supply chain.