Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to making Diversity and Inclusion second nature at On – infused into our thinking and being to grow positively and make a better impact.

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Sahra Kaboli-Nejad, Ph.D.

Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Impact

While we celebrate the amazing progress we have made in diversity and inclusion as an organization and as individuals — we also know that the work is never done. We will never stop pushing ourselves to new heights and setting even more ambitious goals.

What our people say

We check in with our team regularly. Here’s the latest from them:

85%of our people agree: “I can be my authentic self at work.” — +4% compared to Culture Amp* benchmark.
83%agree that: “On values diversity.” — +3% compared to Culture Amp* benchmark.
85%say: “I feel I am part of a team.” — +5% compared to Culture Amp* All benchmark.
86%of our team leaders feel: “I am confident on how I can contribute in building a more inclusive culture in my team.”

*Culture Amp is the third-party, global all-industry benchmarking partner we work with to check in with how our people are feeling.

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Diversity & Inclusion
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A bit about our team

We’re working on more transparent and better ways of sharing our race and ethnicity data – in the meantime you can see a snapshot of our progress and our people in our 2022 Impact Report.

Gender / Nationalities







Nonbinary/Third Gender

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nationalities across our 19 countries

Inclusion Groups

We want everyone in the Oniverse to feel comfortable being their authentic selves. Dedicated communities and safe and open feedback processes help drive this. Our Inclusion Groups are a key part of our growing D&I strategy.

  • On WomenConnectiOn logo

    Our network for women to inspire and support one another, promoting career development opportunities inside of On and for women in the communities we serve.

  • On OnPower logo

    This group exists to inspire, motivate and empower women in tech. The focus: advancing women’s skills and leadership potential to promote and foster greater female participation – and success – within the technology space.

  • On Iridescence logo

    Committed to making a community of safety, solidarity and support for all LGBTQIA+ teammates, Iridescence is building coalitions, dismantling systems of oppression, and raising awareness of the intersectional discrimination faced by the members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • On ParentsAtOn logo

    It takes a village. This growing group is creating a supportive community where On team members can share their parenting experiences, as well as lean on and learn from each other.

  • On Black Tapestry logo

    Black Tapestry is here at On to make a positive impact for people identifying as Black, African-American and/or of African heritage – to better serve our teammates, the On brand and our wider communities.

  • On All Kinds of Minds logo

    All Kinds of Minds is dedicated to growing and building diverse teams across all ways of thinking and being, from neurodivergent to neurotypical. With the right support and understanding, we all thrive.

  • R&She is a space for women from all backgrounds across R&D to support each other in their personal and professional development through shared experience and coaching.

  • Inclusi-ón is an intersectional and inclusive space for those who identify as Latino(a), Latinx, Hispanic, Afro-Latino, Indigineous-Latino, and any other identity connected to Spanish roots from around the Oniverse – sharing cultural experiences through language, food, music, and migration.

  • A place for connection, celebration, and education, On Vey exists to bring On’s Jewish community together regardless of background, denomination, or level of practice. On Vey keeps it simple: "Come as you are and stay for the bagels."

  • This group is a space for veterans to connect as a larger community, sharing individual experiences to feel seen and heard through appreciation and celebration.

  • API Connext is dedicated to uniting On’s Asian and Pacific Islander (API) teammates, providing space to share their diverse API experiences and advocate for increased representation of API members while fostering cross-organizational allies.

  • Championing the value of collective wisdom, Last Season Society addresses concerns unique to the older generation of team members at On while leveraging their experience to mentor younger teammates, breaking down barriers through open dialogue to create intergenerational connections.

Right to Run

Removing barriers and empowering communities

We strive to be a truly inclusive place for our teammates, but we also recognize the opportunities we have to drive change in our broader community. We believe that movement is for everyone – and we’re taking action to make that a reality.

Right to run

Our Partners

If you want to go far, go together.

We're partnering with carefully selected organisations that are doing meaningful work in their respective segments and communities.