Welcome to Apparel & Accessories Product Creation

For trend-setters to track stars, we bring performance-driven Swiss engineering to the apparel and accessories our fans love to wear.

A woman working on apparel & accessory product creation
A woman working on apparel & accessory product creation

Meet the Team

Creating quality products that balance both luxury and performance is all about intention. We know the difference is in the details.

Our products are born from collaboration, ideation, testing – and testing again. With a little help from our athlete partners – and the latest tech – we always find the perfect fit.

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Two men with laptops in hand pick up and look at two rows of On Running shoes.

Welcome to Apparel & Accessories Product Creation

Music gets our team moving and maybe fuels our innovation?

Catch us on the dance floor or belting out (multilingual) karaoke at every company get-together.

Ever wondered what it takes to equip the Swiss Olympic team,

create for Grand Slam tennis, or collaborate with luxury designer, Loewe? Find out with us.

A lot of what we do is based on research,

so our diverse backgrounds and range of team interests help us explore new product areas.

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Apparel Developer

We always look for better decisions, we always listen to people and listen to different colleagues. We listen, we digest, and we find the most suitable one for all the team and everybody benefits. That process makes us really innovative.



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Performance is in our DNA. We channel the Athlete mindset to create for anyone who loves to move – precision-first products that deliver on quality, form and function to help our fans push limits and look good doing it.

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Who makes up the Apparel & Accessories Product Creation Team?

A man unpacks a box with an On Running shoe on the desk next to him.
  • Apparel Development
  • Accessories Creation
  • Apparel Engineering
  • Apparel Materials

Working across multiple teams, we own the process that takes our garments from big ideas to pre-production – delivering on design intent, sustainability and cost targets.

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Head of Accessories Development

Apparel & Accessories Product Creation