Welcome to Corporate Strategy

We’re the strategic brains behind the expansion of the Oniverse, partnering with senior leadership and all areas of the business to build On’s future.

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Meet the Team

There’s a lot of variety in Corporate Strategy. We work with everyone from Supply Chain, to Product Creation, to Marketing and more.

One day we’re prepping with the founders for a Board presentation. The next? Working to reduce product overstocks, or identifying the next strategic initiatives for our B2B and DTC channels.

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Welcome to Corporate Strategy

Our mantra is the ‘Four Fs’:

focus, feedback, flexibility and fun. It helps us stay on track, learn from experiences and generally bring the best vibes.

Seen our range of tennis-inspired footwear?

That was one of our bright ideas – we spot great business opportunities and say, ‘let’s go for it.’

Thinking ‘future’ is what we do,

thinking sustainably is how we’ll get there, teaming up with the experts to make our strategy reality.

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Corporate Strategy Lead, Zurich

The team is trusted and empowered to drive important projects from day one. On’s culture allows us independence to define how and when we do things, giving us the space to recharge as well as the space to grow.



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We’re entrepreneurs who have the freedom and ownership to shape what the future of On looks like. Discovering opportunities. Exploring solutions. Challenging assumptions. That’s what gets us going.

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