Welcome to Product Design

Shaping the future look of On products, we’re here to disrupt, create, innovate and set a new bar. This is how we change an industry.

Two woman having a talk at a table
Two woman having a talk at a table

Meet the Team

We’re visual visionaries. From quick sketches to 3D renders to predicting future color trends, we cover it all in the name of great design.

It’s not style over substance. We craft technical products that inspire people to move – and look incredible while they do it.

A man sat at his laptop talking whilst gesturing with his hands.
Aerial view of the rooftop garden at the Zürich offices, with people sat on benches.

Welcome to Product Design

What does our team do for fun?

What does our team do for fun? Laugh. Dance. And eat together (there’s always time for food). Anything that gets us sharing new experiences.

We come from a wide range of cultures

and we’ve got some big characters on the team. Diversity of thought is our superpower.

Our design backgrounds vary

from fashion to industrial, to product to graphic. We find inspiration everywhere.



Two women climbing a wide concrete staircase.

The difference is in the detail. So we push boundaries. Mark those marginal gains. All in pursuit of designing ever better looking products. That’s what we do – what’s best today, can be improved tomorrow.

Learn about our Spirits

Who makes up the Product Design team?

Woman in an On store.
  • Apparel Design
  • Footwear Design
  • Design Direction
  • Accessories Design
  • Innovation Design

Working closely with our counterparts in Product Creation, we’re the minds designing high-performance sportswear from Pants to Performance Ts – and so much more.

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Product Design


Footwear Designer - Athletes

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