Welcome to Product Operations

Through deep collaboration and a dusting of positivity, we empower people and productivity across On Labs – we’re the engine powering our R&D teams.

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Meet the Team

From implementing Product Lifecycle Management, to developing On’s packaging or planning new projects – we wear many hats in Product Ops.

Supporting teams across R&D, we drive process efficiency, build new ways of working and generally make great things happen.

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Welcome to Product Operations

Our small team speaks 13 different languages,

hails from 5 continents and has a wide range of professional backgrounds.

There’s loads to experience in Product Ops

designing shoeboxes, creating customized calendars, developing apps, acting as project managers and much more.

We love team activities that get us exploring.

Rock climbing, hiking, maybe a festive market.

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Product Operations Specialist, Zurich

We’re at the heart of the action, helping out different people and teams across R&D and the wider business every day. There’s a learning curve, sure, but the variety of projects and topics we cover is unmatched.



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Our work is underpinned by the act of sharing. Processes, information, best practices. It helps us challenge the status quo, grow together – and evolve as a business.

Learn about our Spirits

Who makes up the Product Operations Team?

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  • Product Systems & Operations
  • Packaging Development & Compliance
  • Color & Digital Creation
  • Product Creation Planning
  • Process Improvement

We build systems that manage product data from initial concept to full commercialization. We even built our own PLM app: Switch. We’re also streamlining data through Smartsheet workspaces, partnering with all teams across our entire supply chain.

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Head of Product Systems & Analytics

Product Operations