Welcome to Product Strategy

Sitting at the intersection of all of On’s product teams, we help steer product identity, viability and success in line with our vision and mission.

A man laughing whilst on his laptop
A man laughing whilst on his laptop

Meet the Team

We balance crucial factors such as sustainability, innovation, technical excellence and consumer needs and trends to ensure everything that leaves the On Product Lab delivers the wow to our On communities around the globe.

With one foot in the present and one in the future, we’re building the On community of today and tomorrow.

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Welcome to Product Strategy

Love to learn?

Same. Explore, create, innovate and discover something new every day, that’s our sweet spot.

We’re always planning for the world of ‘tomorrow’.

That’s how we stay one (or two, or three) steps ahead of the competition.

Working alongside so many different On teams,

we’re cross-functional at heart – living and breathing collaboration.

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Ruth Heenan

Product Manager, Zürich

Every single person on the team is actually involved from the start and everyone brings their ideas. We spend time playing around in our lab so that we can get quick ideas down and then test these with athletes or with the consumers.



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We harness the power of the whole – combining the different skill sets, knowledge and points of view within our teams in search of sustainable, stylish and successful products.

Learn about our Spirits

Who makes up the Product Strategy Team?

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  • Apparel & Accessories Product Management
  • Footwear Product Management
  • Product Merchandising

From our Parkas to Performance Ts, socks to sports bras, we bring our accessories and apparel teams together, sharing knowledge of our fans to drive success.

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