Welcome to Retail

We’re your friendly point of human contact – retail experts growing and educating our communities across the globe.

A woman looking towards the camera holding on Onrunning shoe
A woman looking towards the camera holding on Onrunning shoe

Our philosophy

It’s about more than just selling products. We connect with people day to day-to-day – creating unforgettable experiences and empowering them to move with the right products.

It’s no easy feat, and it takes a personal touch. We’re sharing our values with the world – and spreading the feeling of ‘Wow’ IRL.

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Meet the team

After all, nothing beats meeting our products face-to-face in a space designed with innovation and community at heart.

We’re here for everyone walking through our doors. Empathetic problem solvers driven by positivity. Storytellers who aim to inspire. We want people to feel great.

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Two females hugging in front a display of running shoes

Welcome to Retail

Who makes up the retail store team

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    Store Leader (SL)


    You’re ultimately responsible for the store’s success. Defining processes. Engaging customers. It’s challenging, but always rewarding seeing the team, and the store, grow.

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    Associate Store Leader (ASL)


    You’ll support your SL to keep your store thriving. Operations, team-building, and customer engagement – channel the Team Spirit, and get everyone over the finish line.

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    Lead Advisor (LA)


    Taking ownership of a vital store function, you’ll inspire your team to give their best and share everything you know – great teammates lead from the front.

  • Man standing in a white T-Shirt with an On lanyard with his arms crossed and smiling at the camera

    Store Advisor (SA)


    Learning our business from the ground up, you’re an On culture carrier, acting with the team, engaging our fans and sharing our message of movement.

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Global Head of Retail

We have age ranges from 21-64 and 60 nationalities. That is really diverse and brings us the best ideas to problem solve on the ground. Solving everyday little problems for different customers, that's our value proposition.



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We’re upbeat, fully living On’s Positive Spirit. The magnetic atmosphere of our stores is unmistakable and we pass that energy on to everybody who walks in. We can see the impact we make – and know what we’re doing it together.

Learn about our Spirits

Setting you up for success

Retail is the face of On, but it doesn’t stop here. From the moment you apply, we’ll encourage your success. And whether you stay within Retail or move to new zones in the Oniverse, there’s no limit to what you can learn – because our team is connected, around the world.

Join the team

2996 - Associate Store Leader(Taikoo Hui Gua)

Retail (store team)


Associate Store Lead

Retail (store team)


Associate Store Lead

Retail (store team)

Las Vegas

Associate Store Leader,Guomao BEI

Retail (store team)


Associate Store Leader, Melbourne

Retail (store team)


Associate Store Leader (New Store)

Retail (store team)