Welcome to Sustainability

Sustainability and performance go hand-in-hand. That’s our philosophy. So we’re working hard to find better ways forward and create all-new standards, for ourselves and the industry.

A man and a woman talking
A man and a woman talking

Meet the Team

We design and implement our sustainability strategy across On to help shape a cleaner future – and inspire change in our industry.

We put science and innovation first. Researching, strategizing, and implementing quickly. And, we’re always looking to work with new partners to solve environmental challenges, discover new innovations and make sustainability second nature.

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Welcome to Sustainability

Looking for an On team we don’t chat with?

You won’t find one. We work cross-functionally, across the Oniverse, to make sustainability a priority.

From crunching the numbers

to building strong supplier relationships – it takes a huge range of skills to bring products like the Cloudneo to life.

Automotive, renewable power,

environmental consulting and more – our backgrounds are diverse, and prove there’s no set path to creating the sustainabile future we want.

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Social Sustainability Specialist

I originally came to On because I was so impressed with their sustainability initiatives that I'm really passionate about. To me, it's so special that On truly values sustainability and doing better for the planet.



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Sustainability is about innovation. Invention. Working with positivity for the future. Our opportunity to change how the world works for the better. So we’re pioneering new methods and leading by example – knowing that saving the planet is a team sport. 

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Social Compliance Specialist - HCM based


Ho Chi Minh City