Welcome to Technology

We’re the team powering On: digital experiences, back-end systems and in-store innovations – we’re across every inch of the business, making it all possible.

A man in a blue shirt and a white t-shirt with a headset on is standing with his arms crossed and holding his chin looking into the distance
A man in a blue shirt and a white t-shirt with a headset on is standing with his arms crossed and holding his chin looking into the distance

Meet the Team

You’ll find Tech teammates tinkering in all corners of the Oniverse – we’re an innovation company at heart. Whether you’re into IT, engineering, data or security, there’s always a new challenge.

Like the very best teams – and teams of teams – we do it together, making On’s mission a reality.

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Welcome to Technology

Process is fun, but we prefer to take the road less traveled.

We’re not about legacy systems.

We’re user-obsessed.

Whether we’re building for customers or teammates, everything we do is based on their needs and feedback.

We run on clouds.

AWS, Azure, GCP and Salesforce are just some of them.

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    Technical Product Team, Zürich

    My journey has evolved for sure and, actually, change can lead to infinite possibilities. Those core values that were there when I joined are still here today and I really find them extraordinary every day.
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    Vivek Juneja

    Engineering, Berlin

    We’re closely connected to the whole business. Every day, we’re making quick decisions to improve the customer experience. Because these live changes impact the whole business, we deeply respect individual opinion and what others think about the end customer experience.



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Our team exists to think differently. Wild curiosity and a thirst for knowledge keeps moving our tech forward. There are no boxes here. We’re always dreaming of what’s possible – and searching for new ways to get there. 

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Who makes up the Tech Team?

Two women sat with laptops, smiling at the camera.
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Engineering
  • IT Product Management
  • IT Services & Operations
  • Digital Engineering

Using the superpowers of quality data, we’re giving everyone at On the right tools to impact the business — helping them make informed, research-backed decisions.

Tech stack

node.js logoNode.js
TypeScript logoTypeScript
Vue.js logoVue.js
Terraform logoTerraform
Nest.js logoNest.js
Kubernetes logoKubernetes
Docker logoDocker
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GraphQL logoGraphQL
PostgreSQL logoPostgreSQL
Hasura logoHasura
Jenkins logoJenkins
GitHub logoGitHub
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NewRelic logo with backgroundNewRelic

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