São Paulo

With 22 million people, São Paulo is nothing short of electric. We may be the new kids here but we love a challenge and we’re making our mark.

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Bem-vindo a São Paulo

Just by the 158 hectare Parque do Ibirapuera and with our own garden on-site, our São Paulo team is happy to take in the fresh air at all hours. Our first Latin American office is small but mighty – always reflecting the vibrant, sunny energy of Brazil’s most populous city.

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São Paulo

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Here’s some local favorites from our Sao Paulo teammates:

Make a plate at OAZI Restaurante
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Or overlook the cityscape on the rooftop at Skye.

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Whether you’re relocating to Sao Paulo or coming to work in a new neighborhood, here are a few things that might be useful:

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Hector – Sales Tech Rep


Sales Tech Rep

I love the SP office because it’s a house, not an office building. It's close to Ibirapuera park and it's really easy to have a morning workout and go straight to work after, feeling energetic and ready to conquer the day!
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São Paulo

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São Paulo


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