Welcome to Hospitality & Facility Management

Whenever you enter one of our hubs, you’ll find us. We’re On culture carriers, setting the tone wherever we are and – of course – spreading unbeatable positive vibes.

Two people talking at the On Labs reception

Meet the Team

We deliver the quintessential On experience. We keep our hubs running, organize stellar events, welcome new teammates to the Oniverse. We love to make people smile – it’s a requisite.

Our keys to success? A warm attitude, cool head and the drive to find solutions. It’s Wow all day.

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Two men talking whilst one of them takes notes.

Welcome to Hospitality & Facility Management

We like to treat our visitors as part of the team.

Whether it’s your first visit or your 400th, expect the warmest of welcomes.

Looking for the cookie stash?

There’s always snacks at our desks, so drop by and share a bite with us.

We’re always looking for ways to bring extra magic to the Oniverse:

organizing sample sales, sending birthday cards, and onboarding newcomers.

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On Labs Host, Zurich

Our aim is to build a beautiful working experience, so I see our team as the facilitators who connect the dots as On grows – we’re there for every Team Member on their unique journey, from their Onboarding onwards.



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Is it too obvious? Our shared positivity helps us go above and beyond to make every day at On an unforgettable experience of Wow.

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